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Farm & Ranch Acreage around the Lake   Montgomery County NW
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The search located 93 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
SORT BY: Subdivision | Address (Listings Updated: 03/04/13)  Your Favorites

MediaAbstract/SubdivisionList PriceAcresLand UseAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
PH M Del Lago $13,750,000.0036UNRST157 La Costa0597
PH M Zachariah Landrum Survey A-22 $8,722,868.00396CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,UNRST22805 Old Plantersville0577
PH M Other $6,995,000.0035CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST10225 Longmire3/3222313$3,024.211627
PH M D+E Ranch $5,995,000.0073CATTL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL5450 Honea Egypt4346200$966.9451
VT PH M Zachariah Landrum $5,852,250.00260CATTL,HRSFM,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST10983 FM 1490757
VT PH M Rogers Raleigh $4,500,000.0035CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST20040 Keenan Cut Off4/45611738$383.37188
PH M Rural $3,900,000.0039CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST Mccaleb0254
PH M none $3,874,500.00287CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR25040 Gay Lake RD4323544$1,093.26203
PH M None $3,500,000.001CATTL,HRSAL,LEISR,RSORT,UNRST11134 Shepard Hill11/1311411656$300.2711
PH M NONE $3,500,000.0035OTHER,UNRST Eva Street0189
PH M CORNER MARY $3,250,000.0024HRSAL,MOBIL,OTHER,UNRST1097 Mccaleb224
PH M Other $2,500,000.00483CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,OTHER,RSORT0 jackson rd0327
VT PH M Collard E $2,499,000.006HRSAL,UNRST10236 Longmire0255
PH M none $2,495,000.00120HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST12300 Hwy 105 W0162
PH M High Meadow Estates $2,450,000.0098CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,RSTRC0 Texas Trace01037
PH M None $2,415,000.0068CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST0 Blue Goose0439
PH M Pinebush $2,390,000.0075CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,OTHER,RSORT,UNRST18910 Pinewood Trail4/5325100$468.63237
PH M Abst-A13 $2,339,540.0069CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,OTHER0 Apache062
PH M 1097 $2,300,000.006MOBIL10100 FM 10970755
PH M OWEN SHANNON $2,225,000.0032HRSAL,UNRST21302 W Fm 10974/5445901$377.0549
PH M no subdivision $1,900,000.0050TIMBR0 Peterson0882
VT PH M None $1,800,000.0042CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST901 Huffman4322664$675.68644
PH M Landrum Zacharias $1,550,000.0044CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,MOBIL,TIMBR,UNRST0 Old Dobbin Plantersville Rd0216
VT PH M None $1,500,000.0022CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST19193 W Fm 10974334617$324.8946
PH M Holly Estates 01 $1,500,000.002HRSAL,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST4707 Holly2202744$546.65189
PH M SCO NW QUAD CCO FRONT SH105 W $1,495,000.0036OTHER,UNRST12824 HWY 1050346
PH M Rigsby Ben J $1,437,500.0011CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,OTHER,RSTRC Lone Star Parkway0185
PH M Other $1,435,000.0097CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST12039 Amberwood3/4203645$393.69126
PH M none $1,375,000.0074CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,UNRST0 Sapp0425
VT PH M None $1,298,888.0030HRSFM,HRSAL,MOBIL,OTHER,UNRST9835 Post Oak Cemetary3/4303537$367.23199
PH M Grand Harbor 01 $1,250,000.008RSTRC21115 W Fm 109710211
PH M None $1,236,900.0017UNRST13848 Longstreet049
PH M n/a $1,118,040.0019HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,RSTRC1050 College0455
PH M Rigsby Ben J $1,100,000.004OTHER,UNRST22985 Highway 1053/4323552$309.6872
PH M High Meadow Estates $1,045,000.0028RSTRC1 Texas Trace0221
VT PH M None $1,008,000.0036CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL0 Gay Lake RD0191
PH M Corner Mary $999,900.005HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST5620 Sapp1101164$859.0237
PH M Martin Neal $995,000.006MOBIL,UNRST12658 FM 10974/5225114$194.56327
PH M Point Aquarius $995,000.004UNRST0 FM 1097042
PH M Rural $995,000.0044CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST13090 BETHEL RD3221368$727.34183
PH M Abstract Area 17 $983,130.0032CATTL,HRSFM,LEISR,UNRST21369 Arnsworth Rd070
PH M 2008.1 - A-8 John Corner, A-31 Ben Rigsb $954,000.0021UNRST15430 FM 149013
PH M Teaswood 02 $950,000.0011OTHER10217 Paradise Valley0990
PH M N/A $943,000.0023HRSFM,LEISR5530 Honea Egypt3302999$314.4489
PH M Kinkaid Farms $922,350.0024CATTL,HRSFM,LEISR,OTHER Kinkaid Rd W0101
PH M RURAL $899,000.0015CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,RSORT,UNRST16789 Old Danville5312598$346.0416
VT PH M Benjamin Rigsby Abs 31 $899,000.0016UNRST23622 Sharp3202861$314.2317
PH M SHANNON OWEN $895,000.0042CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST21087 Arnsworth3/3201456$614.70429
PH M Ben J. Rigsby $875,000.0030CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,OTHER24111 W FM 10973232084$419.87134
PH M Kinkaid Farms $874,900.009HRSAL,OTHER19075 Kinkaid3282464$355.07253
PH M North FM 1486 $855,000.0031CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST7148 N FM 148605400$158.33391
PH M none $845,000.008OTHER18080 Interstate 45/2101424$593.4059
PH M None $800,000.0020CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,RSTRC,UNRST0 FM 148603216
PH M HAMLET R G $795,000.0011UNRST15973 N Rabon Chapel0596
PH M Rural $750,000.0038HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR4531 FM 14862/2201312$571.65133
PH M Hodge Archibald $750,000.0033HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR,UNRST7906 Hodge320534
PH M William Weir Surv Abs #42 $699,000.0017LEISR,OTHER,UNRST15081 Snoe3222368$295.1945
PH M A0021-Landrum Wm $617,990.0021CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,UNRST0 FM 1097 Rd097
VT PH M None $600,000.006CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST0 FM 1097026
PH M None $600,000.0010CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,UNRST0 Pearson0046
PH M None $599,900.0051TIMBR,UNRST Farm to Market 1490151
VT PH M INWOOD FOREST $574,200.0010HRSAL,UNRST22631 FM 1494302496$230.0570
PH M Hill Creek 03 $560,000.0010HRSAL,RSTRC25821 Taylor3222460$227.64191
PH M CARTWRIGHT MATTHEW $551,500.0022UNRST0 Fallin0274
PH M Hills Of Montgomery $549,900.0010HRSAL18443 Hills Lake Court4323005$183.003
PH M San Jacinto Gardens $519,000.005UNRST14559 Coushatta3201064$487.7831
VT PH M None $495,000.0063CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL Mount Mariah0546
PH M McCloud Daniel $495,000.0010CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST20900 Welch Rd3/3201712$289.1424
PH M Fleming August $485,000.0011CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST23404 Martha Williams Rd4/4303397$142.7728
PH M FM 149/Jackson Rd $475,000.0016HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,OTHER,TIMBR,UNRST7520 Jackson4/4202478$191.69102
PH M na $450,000.0016CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,MOBIL,UNRST1098 North FM 148602400$187.5079
PH M W Farris Abs 210 $449,000.0015HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,UNRST Forest0562
PH M W Rankin Abs 30 $399,900.0014HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,MOBIL25290 Highway 105 W0316
PH M Hilltop Ranch 01 $389,000.005OTHER20052 Hilltop Ranch1/1127200$54.03204
PH M Hodge Archibald $375,000.0040UNRST2902 Windmill00320
PH M Steede $357,170.0021HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,MOBIL,OTHER,TIMBR14707 Steede0156
PH M Other $321,500.0022HUNTG,LEISR,TIMBR1 Joe Adams Rd022
PH M 9999 $300,000.0015CATTL,OTHER Spring Branch0297
PH M Kinkaid Farms $289,000.006CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,LEISR,RSTRC18843 Kinkaid Rd W094
PH M NA $271,999.0015UNRST Niles John W0365
PH M N/A $265,000.0017UNRST Bays Chapel0108
PH M Shannon Jacob $262,515.0014CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,HUNTG,LEISR,OTHER N Mt Mariah0134
PH M Steede Rd $261,885.0015HRSFM,LEISR,OTHER14549 Steede0735
PH M Jackson Run $254,738.005HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST11966 Kentucky Derby02128$119.7172
PH M Hill Dr. $249,000.001HRSFM,HRSAL,MOBIL,OTHER,UNRST12826 Hill Drive32130
PH M Amberwood $239,900.007HRSAL,MOBIL,UNRST11597 Amberwood0457
PH M PATTERSON WM (survey) $222,355.0013CATTL,HRSFM,HRSAL,MOBIL,OTHER,TIMBR,UNRST23800 Bailey Grove066
PH M George Galbraith Survey $120,000.002OTHER7516 Jackson0/0000114
PH M Crown Ranch 01 $112,000.001HRSAL,OTHER,RSTRC26124 Buckland075
PH M Jackson Run $99,000.004UNRST0 Jackson0801
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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