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Lake View Homes   Montgomery County NW
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The search located 50 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
SORT BY: Subdivision | Address (Listings Updated: 03/04/13)  Your Favorites

MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $998,000.0064 West Shore5/5534987$200.12184
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $879,000.00102 Bentwater Bay3/3343809$230.77222
PH M Bentwater Lake view $799,000.0043 Promenade5434200$190.24156
PH M Bentwater Lake view $750,000.00357 W Pines4/4334205$178.3638
VT PH M Walden Lake view $750,000.003934 Windswept4/4323469$216.2011
PH M Bentwater Lake view $745,000.00326 Promenade4335326$139.88199
PH M Outpost Cove Estates 03 Lake view $649,000.0011456 Outpost Cove5335516$117.6656
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $624,900.00609 Edgewood5/6524864$128.47179
PH M Bentwater 44 Lake view $599,900.00111 West Shore3/3324300$139.51152
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $579,000.0017 Lake Bluff3334876$118.74269
PH M Bentwater Lake view $500,000.00245 Club Island4/4423838$130.2828
PH M Bentwater Lake view $498,000.00380 Edgewood3/3323218$154.75104
PH M Walden Estates Lake view $480,000.0074 Lake Estates4/4333293$145.7618
VT PH M April Sound Lake view $479,000.00186 Lake View4/4324598$104.18141
PH M April Sound 05 Lake view $459,000.00178 Lake View4434582$100.1768
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $450,000.00593 Edgewood4322717$165.6247
PH M PEBBLE GLEN ON THE LAKE Lake view $443,000.0012355 Pebble View3/4223162$140.1084
VT PH M Bentwater Lake view $439,900.0096 Club Island4/5322797$157.2846
PH M Bentwater Lake view $424,900.006 Melrose4/5324350$97.6816
PH M Cliffs At South Shore Lake view $419,900.001017 The Cliffs4232945$142.5881
PH M White Oak Ranch 01 Lake view $395,000.005912 White Oak4/5333287$120.1737
PH M Walden 06 Lake view $389,500.003402 Fitzgerald3322636$147.7684
VT PH M Bentwater 28 Lake view $378,000.00102 Wedgewood3422955$127.92135
PH M April Sound Lake view $355,000.00105 Forest4/4222978$119.21231
PH M Seven Coves 01 Lake view $350,000.005337 Montego Cove3/4323725$93.9695
PH M Windmill Cove Lake view $350,000.00151 Stevinstraat3/4222418$144.7542
PH M Bentwater 26 Lake view $349,900.00147 Brookgreen4233147$111.1912
PH M Falcon Sound On The Lake Lake view $342,900.0016804 Falcon Sound4/4323722$92.1377
PH M Point Aquarius 03 Lake view $324,000.0012047 Sagittarius3222817$115.02173
VT PH M Twin Shores 01 Lake view $319,900.009988 W Shore4/4322657$120.4060
PH M Corinthian Point Lake view $310,000.0015720 Lakeway Dr3/3223090$100.32127
PH M Bentwater 33 Water view $300,000.00285 Camden Hills3/3222000$150.0032
VT PH M Point Aquarius 07 Lake view $294,900.0012588 Lake Vista3222199$134.1169
PH M April Sound Lake view $289,900.00122 April Wind3/3222790$103.9189
PH M Del Lago 01 Lake view $289,900.0061 La Costa4/5223333$86.98189
PH M Point Aquarius 03 Lake view $285,000.0011629 Sagittarius4332662$107.0617
PH M Walden Lake view $284,500.003414 Fitzgerald3/3322593$109.7287
PH M Falcon Sound On The Lake Lake view $279,900.0016869 Falcon Sound4/4222734$102.38110
PH M Diamondhead Lake view $275,000.0028713 Waikiki3/4332820$97.5245
VT PH M Walden 07 Lake view $270,000.003713 Walden Estates3/4222252$119.89123
VT PH M Point Aquarius Lake view $265,000.0012485 Point Aquarius3/3222789$95.02127
PH M Clear Water Cove Lake view $265,000.00120 Clear Water3322297$115.3790
PH M Corinthian Point 03 Lake view $259,000.0014079 Lakepoint3/3222094$123.6918
PH M Del Lago 01 Water view $239,000.0022 LAGUNA3/4322267$105.4375
PH M Walden 09 Bayview $229,000.0012826 Oak Village3222483$92.2336
PH M Walden 05 Lake view $212,000.003019 Whitman3/4222224$95.3226
PH M April Sound Lake view $200,000.00216 Lake View3222479$80.6813
PH M Regency Point Lake view $199,900.0046 Regency2/3221492$133.9865
PH M April Village Lake view $189,000.0058 April Village3201478$127.8826
PH M April Sound 09 Lake view $184,900.00168 Snug Harbor3/3221564$118.2224
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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