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Montgomery Real Estate   Montgomery
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The search located 48 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
SORT BY: Subdivision | Address (Listings Updated: 03/04/13)  Your Favorites

MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
PH M Palm Beach Estates $2,790,000.0018728 Palm Beach6646433$433.70286
PH M Bentwater 25 $2,750,000.00185 Promenade5639092$302.46452
PH M Pevehouse Abraham $2,000,000.0016770 W Hunters Trl3/4222634$759.30560
PH M Bentwater 44 $1,950,000.0034 West Shore4/4546910$282.20322
VT PH M Water Oak $1,895,000.0028844 Oaks On The Water7749306$203.63318
VT PH M Bentwater $1,750,000.0064 Benthaven Isle4/4637651$228.73293
VT PH M Bentwater $1,500,000.0071 Broad Cove3/4377162$209.44280
PH M Elk-Trace Golf Estates 01 $1,350,000.00171 Elk Trace554559
PH M Bluejack National $1,199,999.004482 Lily Bean4/4433254$368.78340
VT PH M Woodforest 04 $1,120,000.00191 Windfair Loop4435747$194.88320
PH M Crown Oaks 1 $840,000.0011456 Queensboro4/5635911$142.11361
VT PH M Hilltop Ranch 01 $725,000.0020022 Hilltop Ranch2292494$290.70288
PH M Vintage Oaks $689,900.0024024 Pecan Cove4324369$157.91291
PH M Hills of Montgomery $619,900.0018443 Hills Lake4/4323005$206.29305
PH M April Villas $599,490.0018 Villas Ways3333400$176.32481
PH M Walden 04 $599,000.003022 Heatherglen4/4322553$234.63286
PH M Crown Oaks $599,000.008537 Edinburgh4/5434207$142.38327
PH M Hilltop Ranch 01 $589,000.0020040 Hilltop Ranch4/4303822$154.11341
PH M Timber Line Estates 04 $499,000.0012103 Ivy Dr4333445$144.851241
PH M Ridgelake Shores 04 $466,187.00222 Skipper Jack3232824$165.08318
PH M STONE RANCH 03 $465,000.0011058 Crawford4323100$150.00322
PH M Woodforest Development $434,857.00118 Bradford Bluff Drive4433740$116.27377
VT PH M Walden 10 $419,000.0013411 Hilton Head4/4333283$127.63461
PH M Bentwater $374,000.0079 Edgewood4323440$108.72403
PH M Woodforest 55s $354,980.00105 Russet Bend4322766$128.34314
PH M Bentwater $350,000.00155 Waterford4322634$132.88305
PH M Bentwater $334,995.00244 Bentwood4322459$136.23464
VT PH M Walden $333,000.003231 Chippers Crossing4/5332787$119.481299
PH M Bentwater $324,900.00208 Ruskin4/4323279$99.09546
PH M Waters Lane Estates 01 $324,000.00492 Worsham3222475$130.91502
VT PH M Walden $323,000.0013318 Hilton Head3/3322682$120.43300
PH M Bentwater 07 $319,900.00209 Palais Verde4332311$138.42288
PH M Highland Ranch 01 $314,900.004210 Highland3222243$140.39526
PH M Bentwater 06 $289,990.003 Naples Siding3222572$112.75309
VT PH M Walden $280,000.003822 Mystic3/3221784$156.95363
PH M Clear Water Cove $275,000.00210 Clear Water4222339$117.57515
PH M Bentwater 29 $269,995.0029 Camden Hills3322000$135.00320
PH M April Sound $265,000.00101 Cove Pt4223057$86.69754
PH M Lake Creek Village $244,900.00106 Abner4332010$121.84369
PH M Clear Water Cove $240,000.0013388 Teel3232051$117.02515
PH M Terra Vista At Waterstone $237,095.00458 Terra Vista4322129$111.36291
PH M Terra Vista At Waterstone $225,920.00446 Terra Vista4221796$125.79291
PH M Bentwater $225,500.0011 Misty Harbor3/3222181$103.39405
PH M WALDEN $212,900.003814 Evergreen3/3222273$93.66585
VT PH M Lake Conroe Forest $205,000.00605 Forest Glenn3221783$114.97389
PH M Bee Creek Estates $179,000.0014572 Hasara6402544$70.36336
PH M Lake Conroe Forest 02 $87,600.001106 Columbia River3201522$57.56420
PH M Lake Conroe Village $48,000.0016702 E Hammon3201344$35.71397
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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