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Conroe Real Estate   Conroe
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The search located 89 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
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MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
PH M Bennette J O H-Owens $900,000.0013251 Calhoun7628200$109.76476
PH M Willowridge Estates $849,000.001851 Stoney Brook5/5646281$135.17385
VT PH M Red Oak Ranch 01 $799,000.0010900 Lake Forest3354480$178.35345
PH M Waterford Estates $754,000.002617 Sand Shore4/5333450$218.55316
PH M Red Oak Ranch 01 $749,000.0010998 Lake Forest4534715$158.85296
VT PH M Old Kentucky Farms $729,500.0011260 Blue Grass4/5433888$187.63286
PH M Stillwater $675,000.002130 Gadwall4434051$166.63254
PH M Harpers Preserve $644,888.0010490 Lake Palmetto5434603$140.10215
PH M Texaba $600,000.009800 Ramzi5213790$158.31307
PH M Willowridge Estates 01 $559,000.0012193 Willowridge4/5433762$148.59327
PH M West Fork $527,360.004853 W Fork3/4223296$160.001196
PH M FOSTERS RIDGE $524,990.0014112 N Evergreen Ridge Court4343500$150.00202
PH M Grand Central Park $507,900.00110 Amber Jade4/4434037$125.81250
PH M Silverstone 01 $499,900.002703 Magenta Meadow5434526$110.45204
PH M Willowridge Estates $450,000.0012034 Willowridge4/5334629$97.21313
PH M Other $450,000.0016788 Fm 1485210826$544.79293
PH M Harpers Preserve 65s $411,000.001127 Great Grey Owl5433758$109.37327
VT PH M Wedgewood $400,000.007 Claridge4/0323850$103.90207
VT PH M Dominion Ridge 01 $399,900.001928 Boulder Ridge3334092$97.73541
PH M April Sound 07 $399,900.00263 Capetown4/4323886$102.91217
PH M Oak Ridge North 07 $384,900.0027253 Lana4323248$118.50266
PH M Harpers Preserve 65s $380,000.001123 Great Grey Owl4333065$123.98203
PH M Pebble Glen On The Lake $378,000.0012415 Pebble View4323091$122.29322
PH M Harpers Preserve $375,000.0017626 Northern Harrier4322989$125.46216
PH M Harpers Preserve $375,000.0010131 Cooper's Hawk4332786$134.60216
VT PH M Montgomery Place $374,900.0015387 Willis5323715$100.92453
PH M Pine Meadows $365,000.0015024 Old Houston3/3201248$292.47224
PH M Grand Central Park $364,590.00106 Lily Green3232432$149.91364
PH M Harpers Preserve $359,990.009911 Papyrus Rush4423031$118.77216
VT PH M Harpers Preserve $354,990.009918 Common Hawker4/4323452$102.84575
PH M River Plantation $350,000.00392 Oakland4322470$141.70322
PH M River Plantation $350,000.00396 Oakland4322546$137.47313
PH M Harpers Preserve 01 $348,000.008117 Threadtail4333077$113.10225
VT PH M Wedgewood Forest $341,147.00702 Red Elm4333237$105.39312
PH M Harpers Preserve $339,990.0017669 Northern Harrier4222469$137.70216
VT PH M Panorama-Westchester $335,000.0022 Westchester4333161$105.98196
VT PH M The Meadows at Imperial Oaks $330,990.002610 Granite River4/4232551$129.75308
PH M Imperial Oaks $329,990.002718 Sterling Heights4322642$124.90212
VT PH M Wedgewood $329,900.003 Wellesley4223026$109.02259
VT PH M Wedgewood Forest $329,294.00735 Red Elm4323123$105.44312
PH M Harpers Preserve $325,000.0017654 Northern Harrier4232128$152.73216
VT PH M Hills of Westlake $323,000.00411 Stonebrook4332564$125.98273
PH M Stewarts Forest $322,990.002010 Brookmont4233115$103.69245
PH M The Meadows At Jacobs Reserve $320,000.00178 Meadow Valley5/5324160$76.92203
PH M Fosters Ridge $319,925.0014019 S Wind Cave5323547$90.20220
PH M Jacobs Reserve $309,900.00127 Deerfield Meadow4323113$99.55203
PH M Jacobs Reserve $309,500.00430 Woodpecker Forest4322570$120.43359
VT PH M The Meadows at Imperial Oaks $303,999.002602 Ivy Wood4/4222578$117.92211
VT PH M Panorama Village $300,000.0014 Winged Foot4224807$62.41222
VT PH M Imperial Oaks $299,990.0031003 Laurel Creek4332211$135.68243
PH M River Plantation $299,900.00763 Holly Springs4322860$104.86379
PH M Hills of Westlake $299,890.00270 Pleasant Hill4/4222188$137.06196
PH M Carriage Hills 02 $299,000.002406 Canter3221932$154.76285
VT PH M Hills of Westlake $298,000.00415 Stonebrook3332252$132.33282
PH M Hills of Westlake $290,390.00355 Westlake Terrace3322416$120.19196
PH M FOSTERS RIDGE $287,465.0014218 Rainier Peak Crossing4222593$110.86202
PH M Hills of Westlake $283,642.00429 Billingsgate Chase3/0322163$131.13196
VT PH M Graystone Hills $280,000.002416 W Village Green3/3232505$111.78191
VT PH M Laurel Ridge $279,990.002353 Old Stone4/0222620$106.87217
VT PH M The Meadows at Imperial Oaks $276,990.002630 Ivy Wood3/3222019$137.19211
PH M Woodhaven Forest $271,990.00379 Oak Stream5222440$111.47202
PH M Woodhaven Forest $261,990.002509 Wood Park4322453$106.80250
VT PH M The Gardens At Jacobs Reserv $255,000.002454 Garden Falls4/4222196$116.12287
PH M Cedar Woods $254,900.00612 E Orchid Hill4222443$104.34240
PH M River Plantation 09 $250,000.00614 Spring Forest4232299$108.74360
PH M Cedar Woods $249,900.002230 Oak Circle4/4323005$83.16391
PH M Chase Run $244,900.007632 Daisy Port4222221$110.27601
PH M Chase Run $243,900.009102 Nina4222221$109.82608
PH M Chase Run $238,900.007530 Fettle5222663$89.71313
PH M Panorama - Indian Creek $229,000.00135 Apache3221816$126.10201
PH M Briar Grove $219,900.001976 Briar4222505$87.78715
PH M Chase Run $215,900.007542 Fettle4221844$117.08250
PH M Chase Run $214,900.007527 Fettle4221844$116.54313
PH M Chase Run $213,900.007522 Fettle4221844$116.00488
PH M Chase Run $207,900.007551 Fettle3221597$130.18254
PH M Chase Run $206,900.007543 Fettle3221597$129.56426
PH M STEWARTS FOREST $205,000.00951 Crannog4222446$83.81191
PH M Cedar Woods $199,999.00624 Orchid Hill East3/3221931$103.57358
PH M Woodhaven Forest 01 $199,990.00451 Woodhaven Forest4222253$88.77331
PH M Chase Run $196,900.009117 Fuellage3221366$144.14313
PH M Chase Run $196,900.007563 Fettle3221366$144.14348
PH M River Plantation Fairway Vil $195,000.00711 Palmer3/4222732$71.38207
PH M Briar Grove $191,100.001958 Briar Grove2221825$104.71604
VT PH M BRIAR GROVE $190,694.001006 BRIAR CUT OFF4/4222494$76.461607
PH M Riverbrook - Forest Hills $150,000.00214 Sherbrook4222702$55.51330
PH M Lone Star Ranch $145,000.0016433 Hill Country3221568$92.47191
VT PH M Summerset Estates 01 $130,800.0016325 Sun View3221264$103.48368
PH M LONE STAR RANCH $115,000.0016350 Texas Star3221344$85.57341
PH M Bennette J O H-Owens $95,000.0013983 Mcgregor3101244$76.37205
Result Pages: 1

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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