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Lake Conroe Real Estate   Montgomery County NW
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The search located 436 properties. Single Line List Graphic List
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MediaSubdivisionList PriceAddressBdsBthsGarSQ Ft$$ SqFtDOM
VT PH M Bentwater $4,995,000.00240 Marseille6/66510088$495.14103
PH M Bentwater 93 $3,350,605.0087 Benthaven Isle5/6639251$362.19353
VT PH M Laketree $3,000,000.0019182 Laketree6/6649999$300.03129
VT PH M Walden Road Estates $2,999,999.0015002 Walden6/7837592$395.1518
PH M Palm Beach Estates $2,790,000.0018728 Palm Beach6646433$433.70376
PH M Bentwater 25 $2,750,000.00185 Promenade5639092$302.46542
VT PH M Bentwater $2,725,000.00265 Promenade5637254$375.6591
VT PH M Bentwater $2,700,000.00100 Benthaven5538569$315.09195
VT PH M April Sound $2,600,000.00110 April Breeze7799091$286.00206
VT PH M Bentwater 55 $2,500,000.00116 West Shore5/5537920$315.6661
PH M Grand Harbor 01 $2,500,000.0019996 Crescent6538018$311.8059
PH M LONGWOOD ESTATES $2,490,000.0013876 Longwood7538307$299.75276
PH M Bentwater $2,294,900.00555 Green Isle5/5547060$325.06223
PH M Bentwater $1,970,000.00126 Bentwater Bay4446643$296.553
VT PH M Bentwater $1,925,000.0093 Benthaven4/5436298$305.65193
PH M Longwood Estates 03 $1,850,000.0013675 Dairyland66109815$188.49220
PH M April Sound $1,849,000.00153 Lake View4/5536925$267.00135
PH M Palm Beach Estates $1,750,000.0018720 Palm Beach6645908$296.21178
VT PH M Bentwater $1,700,000.0064 Benthaven Isle4/4637651$222.19383
VT PH M Bentwater 22 $1,690,000.0036 Bentwater Bay6/6548230$205.35185
PH M BENTWATER 47 $1,675,000.00254 Pinerock3337294$229.64244
PH M Palm Beach Estates $1,559,900.0018724 Palm Beach5/6747294$213.86119
VT PH M Bentwater $1,500,000.0071 Broad Cove3/4377162$209.44370
PH M Bentwater 22 $1,500,000.0070 Bentwater Bay5536814$220.1426
PH M Walden Road Estates $1,390,000.0015018 Walden3/4433764$369.29221
PH M Bentwater 04 $1,374,000.00445 Edgewood4/4425293$259.59185
VT PH M Falcon Sound On The Lake $1,300,000.0016816 Falcon Sound Drive5/5525236$248.28194
PH M Bentwater 38 $1,295,000.00126 Creekwood4/5425123$252.7813
PH M Water Oak 01 $1,275,000.0028802 Saddle Oak5/4435876$216.9835
VT PH M Bentwater $1,275,000.00235 Sarasota Circle S4/5435735$222.32256
VT PH M Bentwater $1,250,000.00169 Westlake4434828$258.9163
PH M Grand Harbor $1,249,999.0018715 W Cool Breeze4324995$250.25122
VT PH M Grand Harbor $1,200,000.0018706 E Cool Breeze5/5446536$183.60258
VT PH M Bentwater 50 $1,199,000.00548 Green Isle4/4334669$256.80151
VT PH M Bentwater $1,150,000.00166 Bentwater Bay4/4435209$220.7751
VT PH M Grand Harbor $1,149,000.0018723 W Cool Breeze5/6544772$240.78171
VT PH M Harbor Side $1,129,900.0018880 Harbor Side5545047$223.88149
PH M Bentwater 35 $1,125,000.00266 Promenade4446300$178.57148
PH M Grand Harbor The Island $1,100,000.0011503 Renaissance6647716$142.5626
VT PH M Harbor Side $1,075,000.0018852 Harbor Side5445296$202.98143
PH M BENTWATER $1,025,000.0052 Lake Bluff5/6534759$215.38122
PH M Cliffs At South Shore $1,019,500.00726 The Cliffs4344072$250.37173
PH M Walden $1,019,000.0012838 Lake Shore4/4444999$203.84154
PH M April Sound $999,000.00191 Lakeside3334516$221.2180
VT PH M Pebble Glen On The Lake $998,500.0012150 Pebble View4/5424129$241.8395
VT PH M Bentwater $998,000.0064 West Shore5/5534987$200.12184
PH M White Oak Ranch $998,000.0012317 Oak Cove5424824$206.88196
VT PH M Bentwater (waterfront) $995,000.00182 Melrose6/6625544$179.474
PH M Walden $990,000.004106 Windswept4/5323546$279.19145
VT PH M Bentwater $975,000.00118 Bentwater Bay4/4344447$219.2553
VT PH M Walden 07 $975,000.003746 Walden Estates4/4324206$231.81152
PH M Walden 04 $965,000.003115 Willowbend4/5424724$204.28243
PH M Water Oak $965,000.0014716 Paradise Oak4/5345217$184.9742
PH M Bentwater 04 $960,000.00311 Edgewood5/5545050$190.10178
PH M Bentwater 55 $949,000.00124 West Shore4/4334670$203.21294
PH M April Sound $936,000.00128 April Breeze4/4333918$238.9046
PH M Bentwater $909,000.00384 Green Cove5/5324408$206.22133
VT PH M Bentwater $879,000.00102 Bentwater Bay3/3343809$230.77222
PH M Lake Side Villas $850,000.001 Brookhaven4435463$155.5946
VT PH M Walden 07 $850,000.003806 Walden Estates4424144$205.12238
PH M Bentwater $849,900.00198 Wedgewood4/4424691$181.1861
PH M Falcon Sound On The Lake $849,000.0016852 Falcon Sound4/5324109$206.62108
PH M Walden $840,000.0011622 Ripplewind4/4333233$259.8234
VT PH M Rancho Escondido 01 $825,000.009585 Rancho4323461$238.37272
VT PH M Palm Beach Estates $815,000.0018703 Palm Beach5/6635535$147.24187
PH M Bentwater $799,000.0043 Promenade5434200$190.24156
PH M Walden $799,000.0012835 Oak Village4/5333578$223.3194
VT PH M Seven Coves 03 $798,500.005109 Kingston Cove5535844$136.6478
PH M Del Lago $797,200.00207 La Costa5/5424943$161.28218
PH M Water Oak $789,900.0014611 Whistling Oaks4534070$194.08196
VT PH M Walden $789,000.0011703 Thoreau4/4323414$231.11221
VT PH M Water Oak 01 $786,060.0014665 Whistling Oak4334129$190.38150
PH M WALDEN $755,000.003210 Lazy Lake4/5334509$167.4463
VT PH M Clear Water Point $752,000.0016425 Clear Water4304137$181.7729
VT PH M Bentwater $750,000.00117 South Wind3/4324485$167.22116
PH M Bentwater $750,000.00357 W Pines4/4334205$178.3638
VT PH M Walden $750,000.003934 Windswept4/4323469$216.2011
PH M Bentwater 03 $749,900.0023 Sarasota4/4324276$175.37109
PH M Corinthian Point $749,900.0013988 Mariner6/6325012$149.6252
VT PH M April Sound 05 $749,500.00191 Lake View4334393$170.61213
PH M Walden $749,000.0011707 Edgewater4644122$181.71144
PH M Bentwater $745,000.00326 Promenade4335326$139.88199
PH M Bentwater $745,000.00114 Promenade North5/5536224$119.7056
PH M White Oak Ranch 01 $739,900.0012320 White Oak Point4423694$200.3046
VT PH M Del Lago Estates $739,000.0026 La Jolla4/5424324$170.91252
PH M Twin Shores 1 $700,000.009780 East Shore4/4324097$170.8619
PH M Outpost Cove Estates $699,900.0011440 Outpost Cove3345394$129.76312
PH M Grand Harbor 06 $699,900.0011464 Grand Pine5/6434290$163.1546
PH M Point Aquarius 06 $695,000.0014865 Pollux4224314$161.1045
VT PH M Bentwater $690,000.00481 Edgewood3/4324200$164.29212
PH M Point Aquarius 03 $679,000.0012669 Pegasus4333388$200.4147
PH M GRAND HARBOR $675,000.0011488 Grand Pine4/5434185$161.2935
PH M Bentwater $675,000.00156 Waterford3323080$219.16203
VT PH M Longmire On Lake Conroe $669,000.0012575 Longmire Lakeview4/2233200$209.0654
PH M Bentwater 23 $659,900.0017 Highwood3/4323961$166.6021
VT PH M Bentwater $649,990.00153 W Lake3232875$226.08131
PH M Outpost Cove Estates 03 $649,000.0011456 Outpost Cove5335516$117.6656
PH M April Sound $639,900.00225 Dawns Edge3223200$199.9717
PH M Hunters Point $639,000.0014033 Hunters Glen5433148$202.9952
PH M Pebble Glen On The Lake $635,000.0012386 Pebble View3324215$150.6511
Result Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

NOTE: Days on the market(DOM) represents the life of the MLS entry and not necessarily the number of days the property has been for sale.

The listings herein contain information derived from several sources. The accuracy of such information is not guaranteed by expression or implication.

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